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Caspian Motor Technology (CaMoTec) is a private joint share company which is active in engine and energy consultancy, procurement and application engineering.

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About CaMoTec

CaMoTec Engine & Energy Technology (P.J.S) was founded in order to centralized and localized knowledge, experience and non-sensible assets and developed them to sensible assets in the field of heavy duty engines in Iran.

Job creation and knowledge development in energy field are the other goals of this company. More

Project Highlights

CaMoTec suggests a fast and reliable retrofit to convert Diesel engines to DF with very low price.

This method has minimum changes on the engine and gives you the benefit of replacing up to 40% of required energy with cheaper natural gas. The system consist of gas throttle valve for metering the gas flow, venturi type gas mixer distinct for each engine and our smart control system to set required share of natural gas. also the system has the safety device such as zero pressure gas regulator, magnetic shut-off valve,.. More

CaMoTec can help you in the engine maintenance and part procurement as well as condition monitoring based on oil analysis, vibration analysis,...

Our maintenance team has background of more than 100 engine major and semi major overhauls. We offer you complete documentation of the engine assembly during maintenance,...More


[July 6, 2014]

Camotec has comissioned and run up two bio-gasses engines of ABAli powerplant and signed operation contract

[May 1, 2014]

Camotec has signed contract for design of bio-gas engine for an overseas client

[March 17, 2014]

Camotec has signed contract for feasibity study for Mapna development

[December 05, 2013]

Camotec has signed contract for overhauls of Pars Oil Powerplant plus one year operation cunsultancy

[June 05, 2013]

Camotec has signed contract for O&M of Kimia Ma'aden Sepahan powerplant

[February 13, 2013]

Camotec finished the Feasiblity report of engine manufacturing company establishment for Tavana Holding

[December 18, 2012]

Camotec held training course for management of knowledge-based companiese at Babolsar Science & technology Park. more info

[December 16, 2012]

Camotec held training course for management of knowledge-based companiese in Mazandaran organization for Industry, mine and trading. see photos

[November 19, 2012]

Camotec has signed contract for O&M of Kashan PCC. powerplant

[October 30, 2012]

Camotec has started training courses for Locomotive traction engines for MLC

[September 16, 2012]

Camotec has started training courses for marine propulsion engines testing and  development for Marine powertrain Reasearch Institude

[August 12, 2012]
Camotec Website was launched in new appearance.

[June 28, 2012]
Camotec started a feasiblity study for Heavy duty engine development for an overseas client.

[June 03, 2012]

Camotec started DF conversion project for Faza company in Amol. the overall gen-sets output power was 3MW.

[April 15, 2012]

Camotec was granted for repair, major overhausl and failure analysis of 7500kW gas engine powerplant of Pars Oil Co.

[December 23, 2011]

Camotec was started to develop a new simulation code for an overseas project.

[August 28, 2011]
Camotec signed contract with Bahman Diesel Co. for Dual fuel retrofit and load sharing modification of two gen-sets. the overall power of the gen-sets was 1500kVA

[May 1, 2011]

Camotec was granted to do feasiblity study for repowering a heavy duty diesel engine from 4200Hp to 5000Hp

[February 25, 2011]

CaMoTec was signed collaboration agreement with a British comany "The Engine Consultancy Ltd (TEC)" for partnership in consultancy in Engine and Energy field especial heavy Duty Diesel and Gas Engine design, analysis, procurement and manufacturing support

[January 10, 2011]

CaMoTec engine and energy technology (P.J.S) was registered as document No.5538 in Amol area.